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Best Leather Wrap Bracelets for a Boho Chic Vibe

Wearing beautiful clothes and make up is not enough to enhance your look and your boho chic vibe. You need other beauty accessories such as earrings, necklaces but mostly boho leather bracelets and beaded cuffs. There are many top quality bracelets that can look great on you. Lila's Beauty Bag has a great boho bracelet collection where you can find truly unique pieces of boho jewelry. Here are the most popular on our online shop actually.

1.The Labradorite Rope Wrap Bracelet

This is a top quality wrap bracelet that you need to own. The leather bracelet is one of a kind as it is made of labrodorite; a semi-precious stone, and copper. The bracelet goes well with different types of clothes as well as skin tones. On top of that, Labrodorite Rope Wrap Bracelet is classic, durable and highly affordable.

 Labradorite Rope Wrap Bracelet

2. The Crystal Gilded Charm 3 Strands Wrap

This is another attractive bracelet you need to have. The wrap bracelet is perfectly designed with beads of natural crystals and stones. Also, it comes in a unique color that blends well with a wide range of clothes, make-ups and other beauty accessories. Also, this is a classic bracelet that can be worn any time any day.

 Crystal Gilded Charm 3 Strands Wrap

3. The Amazonite Crystal Braided Bracelet

Are you looking for a simple and classic boho bracelet that can go well with any outfit? If yes, the Amazonite Crystal Braided Bracelet is the bracelet for you. It is a classic beaded bracelet made of stainless steel as well as stones and crystals. It is a top quality cuff that is durable but take care of it and do not get it wet cause the leather could tire off.

Amazonite Crystal Braided Bracelet 

4. The Turquoise Jasper Bohemian Bracelet

This is a must-have bracelet for women that want to look great at all times. The bracelet is well designed to enhance women’s beauty. Also, it is beautiful and so affordable with it's pocket friendly price. The Bohemian jewelry is a perfect gift option for a loved one.

 Turquoise Jasper Bohemian Bracelet

5.The Multi Color Chakra Bracelet

It is a one of a kind bracelet that is made of semi-precious stones in every chakra associated colors and stones. It is a colorful beauty accessory to wear on your wrists as well as to enhance your vibe during meditation and yoga. With this bracelet, you will definitely feel the joy of wearing a top quality bracelet that everyone notices.

Multi Color Chakra Bracelet

6.The Matte Agate Jasper Bracelet

Are you looking for a top leather wrap bracelet? Well, the Matte Agate Jasper Bracelet is the bracelet you are looking for. It is great boho jewelry made of vintage leather, jasper, amazonite and agate. With it's neutral tones that blends with every look this wonderful leather wrap bracelet is available at a great price and would make a great gift option for your lover.

Matte Agate Jasper Bracelet

When you will have find the perfect bracelet for your style, complete your look with some nice natural stones dangle earrings or some very unique necklaces. Here you go bohemia fashionista ! Be prepare to answer questions about your boho sense of style ! 

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