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Update your boho style with the right accessories!

Boho style is always fashionable. A fashion season just can’t go without a couple of boho details. Boho style entered the 2018 and as it looks like, it will continue onto 2020. Girls like romantic and at the same time effortless outfits. Boho offers a dreamy, romantic look and is appropriate for every occasion.
With a few accessories, you will look like you came off the red carpet seconds ago. You see, that is the catch. Accessories improve the outfit a lot. A couple of details here and there and the job is done. So, if you are into this style and want to upgrade it a little bit, then we have the answers. Follow our guide on how to update your boho style with the right accessories.

What makes the boho style

Nice, light and swaying fabrics are a bohemian trademark. Bohemian style probably reminds you of gypsy clothing. You know how often they wear floral prints and maxi skirts. Their spirit is free, and so is with the style. Boho is inspired by the same ideas. Let everything be flowy.
Boho chicks wear suede boots massively. Crochet tops and bottoms are also on the list. You must have seen a lot of girl wear flared jeans and thought how old-fashioned they are? The case is, it is totally the opposite. Flared jeans are another piece of clothing characteristic for a bohemian style. Add some puffy sleeves to the top.
You see, all these pieces are very familiar and you have some of them in your closet probably.
What is left? A good boho outfit requires some nice accessories also.

The right accessories

Let’s start with the bags. Boho bags are usually big ones, something like an improved hobo bag. Just a little interesting story about the hobo bag… The hobo bag is considered to be worn by the seasonal workers. They traveled from place to place and carried all of the personal things with themselves. This lifestyle reminds you of gypsies. And that is why a hobo bag is a symbol of the boho style. Oversized bags with some cute details are definitely something you should prefer if you choose the bohemian style.
Further, belt bags appeared as one of the trendiest picks since Kendall Jenner started wearing them. She totally rocked the outfits with the belt bags and draw attention to this type. Even if it was completely forgotten, we have a chance to see someone wearing a belt bag at least a couple of times in a day. The highlight of this bag is its size and the functionality. Worn at the front, whatever you need will be right in front of you. On the other side, it is funny, but thieves won’t even think of robbing your money when you wear it. It is risky to try to steal it. Your money, cards, some personal stuff are safe here. Our recommendation is a site as it has a wide range of these super cool and trendy bags.
Boho is also very close to the vintage style. Here on you can see some awesome vintage bags.
Rattan bag is something you can’t find very often. This is the type of a bag that really reveals a true boho chick fashion. Straw bags fall into the same category. Wear rattan or a straw bag with a floral maxi skirt or with flared jeans. You will rock the outfit.
These, and many more boho bags you can find here at Visit our bag collections and select a section between backpack, beach, casual, fall-winter, night out, fanny pack and vintage. But, this is not the end.
If you want to enhance your boho outfit, there are additional accessories for you on our site.

Make a style statement

Statement jewelry is definitely something you need if your style is bohemian. At we have a great selection of statement necklaces and  wrap bracelets. These will make your outfit stand out even more. Everybody will notice it as soon as you show up. The choice of the right accessories is very important, so be careful when picking a bohemian jewelry. One thing is sure, you can never go wrong with collections of unique boho jewelry. And with a boho leather bracelet, your look will be just perfect !

Go beaded

Beaded jewelry is something that has to be a part of your everyday boho style. Beaded bracelets and necklaces look very nice and fit in every combination. Every woman loves beads and pearls, right? All of the bracelets and necklaces are 100% handmade with care.


You probably noticed that we mentioned the free spirit of boho styled women. A true boho chick will want to express her spiritual energy. Lilasbeautybag has very nice necklaces, which purpose is to take you into the inner peace phase. These are pendant necklaces and tassel necklaces. Each of them contains a row of pearls. The pearls'material can be sandalwood, rhodonite, black onyx, amazonite, quartz, tiger eye and other gemstones. Those stones have a special purpose and the reason why you should wear them. Read a little bit more about the energy each of them wears within. Malas, besides their importance for the spirit, meditation help and yoga practice are also a great accessory that can give a special note to your look.

Wrap bracelets

At Lilas Beauty Bag we have a great selection of nice wrap bracelets in the bohemian style. Some of these boho leather bracelets are made of similar or same stones, just like malas. Stones inside wrap bracelets are usually onyx, labradorite, amazonite, jasper and agate stones but you can also find some styles made of colorful crystals. On the other side, if you like leather more, there are leather wrap bracelets. Some of them are decorated with rhinestones, which give your look a sparkly, elegant note.
Cuff bracelets are our recommendation for a night out. Especially golden ones will bring some elegance to the overall look. The combination of gold and colored stone is very eye-catching. That is what we call a statement jewelry.

A stylish conclusion

As you can see, there are ways to update your boho style. You just need to make the right choice. Pick statement jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and bags of course from And while you are at it, make your free spirit stand out even more with the help of a mala and the powerful stones with which they are beaded. Namaste !.

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