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Why use a mala necklace for your yoga or meditation practice?

In the recent past, Mala bracelets and necklaces have become quite popular. You can find them in yoga studios and specialty retailers. Why are they becoming increasing popular? Well, malas can be used during meditation, as decorations or jewelry. You have definitely seen people wearing them on wrists and necks. Based on the stones selected and their origin, malas hold special value to the wearer. The wearer experiences and feels some incredible energy while holding mala beads which increases when used for prayer and meditation.
In most cases, malas have 108 beads and a single guru bead which is usually bigger than the rest. The guru bead symbolizes the teacher and light. The guru bead thus helps to make the wearer independent, self-reliant, and also increases awareness. Some of them have different shapes of beads placed after the 27th bead for easy tracking. Nowadays, malas are made from different types of materials such as stones, pearls, crystals, wood, and seeds.

Benefits of Malas

Most people use the mala for mantra meditation. A single word such as ‘om’ is repeated severally. These words are repeated per bead. Using your fingers to trace the beads helps you to track the japa. You can as well decide to start each day by repeating one or several malas. The malas are used in a similar way as people pray with rosary beads. Let’s have a look at some of the surprising benefits of malas for your well-being.


Wearing a mala bracelet or necklace helps you to connect with your past. Historically, people used gemstones for various reasons. In the past, people used gems to induce hate or love and to facilitate conception. This hasn’t changed because malas can still be used for the same purpose. It is worth noting that nowadays gemstones are not affiliated with particular religions and cultures. You are free to benefit from this gift of connection and history.

Calming weight

Since mala necklaces have up to 108 precious gems, their weight may bring a calming effect on you. There are a lot of things going on with our modern life that can burden you. These gemstones can help you keep calm. Some of the beads that help wearers to calm down are Sandalwood stones, Blue Lace Agate, and Hematite that relieve stress and anxiety and bring a grounding effect.


Each gemstone used in making the mala has special healing powers. Each gem represents a planet. Interestingly, each gem can draw energy from a different planet and direct it to the wearer. How exactly does this work? For instance, the pink or red ruby represents the sun. The sun naturally gives life to the world. These pink or red rubies work the same way; they empower and revitalizes you to take leadership and responsibility in your life. These energy gemstones neutralize energetic blockages that cause poor health.

Visible purpose

The Mala necklace or bracelet reminds you of your purpose in life. Always carrying your intentions and referring to them on a regular basis is an effective way of achieving your goals. The Mala necklace reminds you what you want in life and why you want to achieve whatever thing you want.


The Mala necklace can last for a lifetime. Additionally, it speaks your style. Divine gemstone necklaces do not expire or lose their value. These pieces are timeless and thus they carry special value. In most cases, they are crafted with precision and love making them quite appealing. Durability is increased by stringing high-quality stones on a nylon string.


Gems have the power to cleanse you from recklessness to self-doubt among other things. If you have fear for anything, gems will work for you if used appropriately. It is advisable for you to purify your Malas to eliminate accumulated energies.

Practical tool

You can wear your Mala necklace daily, during special occasions or overnight. It all depends with what you feel is suitable for you. Mala necklaces and bracelets serve as a great tool for meditating. You can wear them around your neck to provide you with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Gemstones spheres are particularly important when counting affirmations. You can as well bundle several stone on your hand and directly place them on a particular part of your body that requires healing and energy.


Mala necklaces enable your mind to become direct and focused. This is especially important if you are involved with spiritual activities such as yoga. Mala jewelry serves as great yoga necklaces. The mala beads shine thus allowing your mind to stay focused by aligning tactile sensations and conscious attention with meaningful breaths, sounds, and words.
This ability of malas to enable you to focus makes them one of the best jewelries for Buddhist and Yogic practices. Malas have been used as necklace and yoga jewelry since the 9th century. They help the monk or seeker to become more aware of their reality and truths about themselves.

Improving health and wellbeing

Mala beads are quite effective for pranayama meditation. They are used to slow down respiration which leads to improved overall health. The person meditating uses each bead for each breath. All you do is to sit comfortably and hold the mala beads in your hand. Relax and use your opposite hand to hold the guru bead. Breathe in through your nose as you move fingers to each bead. Breathing out can either be through the nose or mouth. Each of the mala beads should get its own exhale and inhale. You do this for all beads until you get to the guru bead.
Mala beads are also effective tools for Japa mantra meditation. This is a meditation practice where you keep repeating a divine name or a sacred word. You choose words that best speak to you or serve your needs. For instance, you can choose words such as OM, ‘I am joy’ or ‘life is love’. You repeat these words for each bead but ensure that you jump over the guru bead because it is regarded to as disrespectful.
Mala beads are not only beautiful jewelry but also good for mental and spiritual growth. Incorporating them in yoga practices is one of the best options. They help to improve your health and overall well-being.
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