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About us

Here you will find a place where eco friendly choices and inner peace goes hand in hand.

First, in our Inner Peace collection, beautiful malas, carefully handmade with genuine gemstones, to add some inner peace into your spiritual life and yoga practice.

And, in our Greener Living collection, you will find sustainable, eco friendly, everyday things that are reusable and or washable to help you make small actions to save the planet little step by little step.

Cause, when you feel good inside, you want every body to feel the same and helping protect our amazing planet is a big part of love, peace and conscious awareness.


Hi, I am Julie Rose, a full time single mom of two incredibly wonderful kids. I launched Lila's Beauty Bag (Lila is the real name of my 15 years old daughter :) in 2017 cause I have a strong desire to work from home and have the chance to take care of my little ones by myself.

This is us 3 on vacation this summer :)

Because I worked for a long time in fashion magazines and marketing agencies, I tought that it would be convenient for women to find an online shop like Lila's Beauty Bag where they can be sure that they will find selective high quality jewelery and bags. 

While discovering meditation and yoga and searching for ways to feel more energy, inner peace and balance in my life, I began to wear malas and stone jewelry to help my practices. Here, I offer the best pieces i found, handmade by women searching for the same self power and universal peace you and I are searching for.

I hope that the inner peace jewelry you will buy here will bring into your life all the good energy and vibrations you need.

Furthermore, I take every customer satisfaction in high regard so I personally answer to every customer email. 

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Finally, be certain that at Lila's Beauty Bag, you will be treated as a friend. Welcome into Lila's world !


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